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How to Hire Top level entrepreneurs

🛸 Proof (aka. Why should any of us listen to this folk?)

  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Co-founder of ClickFunnels (Estimated 100M Revenue)

🖍️ 10 year old summary

Imagine you and your friend are selling lemonade. If you sell the exact same product as your friend is very very difficult that you would sell much more. But if you make your lemonade un a bigger glass, with a

🦥 Ultra lazy summary

Differentiate. Make a list, and select the most

🦥 Practical example

Typical Offer

  • We make a responsive website
  • Basic SEO
  • Full design, 3 comments
  • Ready in 7 weeks
  • We send you an online video training so you can manage the website yourself
  • Price: US$2.500

🪠 Tool for immediate application

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🥠 Fortune Cookie kinda’ message

An offer stack you should pursue if clients you shall close