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3 Ways to grow your business Jay Abraham

🛸 Proof (aka. Why should any of us listen to this folk?)

  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Co-founder of ClickFunnels (Estimated 100M Revenue)

🖍️ 10 year old summary

Imagine you and your friend are selling lemonade. If you sell the exact same product as your friend is very very difficult that you would sell much more. But if you make your lemonade un a bigger glass, with a

🦥 Ultra lazy summary

Differentiate. Make a list, and select the most

Typical Offer

  • We make a responsive website
  • Basic SEO
  • Full design, 3 comments
  • Ready in 7 weeks
  • We send you an online video training so you can manage the website yourself
  • Price: US$2.500

Irresistible Offer

  • We make a responsive website
  • Basic SEO
  • Ready in 4 weeks, we know your time is valuable
  • Before we start building we take you through a detailed quizz to understand in the most detailed fashion your business and your target audience
  • Anatomy that sells: We have a very clear understanding of the anatomy of a site that sells more (and sometimes much more) than similar companies in its industry. We adapt that anatomy to your company and your style to achieve the best results and highlight what makes you so special 🌟
  • Complete Design: We leave your site spectacular, with a style that speaks clearly to your client and conveys your values and company mission.
  • AB Testing: We run AB tests on the most important pages of your site to assess which one performs better. With this we allow the market to dictate which message is the one that hits the most
  • Applied Psychology: Your potential customers come to your page with enormous skepticism, and with good reason! We take care of giving credibility and trust by applying proven psychological strategies. We turn customers 🤔 into 🤩
  • Online training so you can asks all the questions you want to. Onced finished we send a video backup of the meeting so you can always come back to it
  • Price: US$3.500 (pay over 12 months interest-free payments)

by the way…. this is literally the offer we make in one on my companies. Check it put here if you need a website 😉

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